Samadhi Sthal

Hanuman Bhakt Shree Mohandas Ji Maharaj appointed his nephew Udayaram ji as the first priest of the temple by entrusting the service of Shri Balaji Maharaj. Before taking the samadhi, Bhakt Shree Mohandas ji Maharaj offered a prayer to Shri Balaji asked blessings for sister Kanhi's son Udayaram Ji and his descendants to continue worship and attaining long life while following Grasath Jeevan. After that, on the morning of Vaishakh Shukla Triyodashi on (1850), devotee Shiromani Mohandas ji Maharaj took Jeevit samadhi.

Morning aarti, bhog and worship is performed at the Samadhi Sthal of Bhakt Mohandas ji Maharaj and his sister Kanhi Dadi Ji . Similarly, before the evening aarti, the brother-sister Samadhi is worshiped, followed by the aarti of Shri Balaji Maharaj.

Mohan Mandir
(Samadhi Sthal)


Taposthali of devotee Shiromani Mohan Das Ji Maharaj

At the south gate of Shri Balaji temple, there is a place of penance of Saint Shiromani devotee Pravar Shri Mohan Das Ji Maharaj, it is called Dhuna. From that time on here the fumes of the eternal fire have been lit. Its glory is considered to be of great importance.

Inscription of the memorial monument

The inscription at the tomb of devotee Pravar Shri Mohandas ji and sister Kanhi Dadi ji was established by son Udayaram ji on Saturday, 1852.